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Book Traders Australia
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Book Traders Australia is a community for those out there who love to read, and can't afford to be buying books as often as they read them.

This is how it works:

Every Member has a list of books they own and are willing have read by others. They send this list to AnckSuNamun This list will be posted on a website viewable by all other members. Books can be added / removed from this list at any time.


Member A peruses this list, finds that Member B owns a book they are interested in. Member A mentions their interest to Member B. Member B looks to see if Member A has anything they are interested in. If so, they post the books to one another and have successfully traded. It can be decided before the trade whether or not the Members wish to have the books returned to them, or if they wish to make the trade a permanent one.

AnckSuNamun will keep track of all books and who has them, who they have been traded with, etc. To ensure that all books are returned safely if this was the original agreement.

Please Note. If a book is particularly valuable to you, either financially or emotionally, please do not trade it. There is always a possibility that someone might not return your book. Be prepared for this when you send it out. Any Members not obeying the rules will be removed from the community.

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